Peer Culture: How a Camp Creates a Great One

by Bill McMahon, Co-Director

As I have referenced in other writings, it is our firm belief at Moosilauke that the most powerful factor in the life of a camper (especially a teenage camper) is the peer culture he is immersed in.

Peer cultures come in many flavors. Without a few important factors in place they can …

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Letter to the Directors of Camp Moosilauke

By Kyle, Camper 2008-2013
First off I would like to thank you all for six amazing years at Camp Moose. It’s certainly a magical place and that is in most part thanks to you. As summer quickly approaches, many of my friends are asking if I’m headed back to the place I refer to as my home …

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Splashing into the Unknown at Moose

By Michael Pinsky, former Camper, Princeton ’15
I remember understanding even when I was a camper that my time at Moosilauke was valuable. I didn’t want to waste even a single day because I knew there would come the time when I would no longer be able, as a camper, to wake up to the sound …

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How a Great Camp Can Help Your Child Build Essential Coping Skills

By Bill McMahon, Co-Director
Parents, and individuals working with kids, are constantly asking themselves the same simple questions:  What is our role in their growth process?  What should we be doing, and not doing?  What should be our/their focus?
Best-selling author and psychologist Madeline Levine is a great resource when it comes to these important issues.  Her …

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What Moosilauke has meant to me…from camper to counselor

By Steve Povich (camper 2003 to 2009, counselor 2010 & 2013)

When I arrived at Moosilauke for the first time about ten years ago, I saw a beautiful lake, sprawling fields, and Mount Cube watching over the bustle of activity. When I arrived about 3 weeks ago for my first summer as a counselor, I saw …

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