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Trips for the Inter B’s

By Noah, Inter B camper, age 11

One of the first trips of the year, the Inter B’s took a trip to Baker Cliffs.  Baker Cliffs is a natural place where you can jump off the rocks like a diving board.  The water was cold, and made the air seem warm. After that, the Inter B’s went to Fat Bob’s, an ice cream store in Warren, New Hampshire.  Everyone picked their flavor, talked to their friends, and had fun.

Some of the Inter B’s took a bike trip to the Water Hole, a natural swimming area.  On the way there, lots of hills tested the brakes of the bikes, as well as the campers’ ability to use them.  Then, we got to the Water Hole.  We swam, slid down rapids, and just rested.  We had a lunch of turkey sandwiches and “Uncrustables.”  We then left the Water Hole to come back to camp.  The ride wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.


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