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Competitive Play at Moosilauke

by Sam, Counselor-in-Training, age 16


Competitive Play at MoosilaukeCompetition has probably been one of the most memorable experiences for me at Camp Moosilauke. Friendly competition against other camps and even your friends can show your true character. Every game you either watch or participate in is fun, exciting, and positive.

Here at Moosilauke, it doesn’t matter if you win, lose, or tie. Having fun is the key ingredient during different competitions. Sure you might not perform the way you wanted to in any given game, but there are many different opportunities throughout the summer in competition where you can work to achieve your goals.

Trying new things is a major theme at Moosilauke. Participating in competitive events against other camps is a great way to try something new and to see if you might like it or not. From my own personal experience, I never played a single lacrosse game outside of Camp. Here at Moose, I was able to try it out by playing in a game and it turned out I had a lot of fun. I still do not play lacrosse today outside of Camp, but just to have the experience of participating and playing in the game at Moose is something I will never forget.
Competition at Moose has always been one of the most memorable things at Camp for me. I hope that all campers at Moose will consider trying new things by competing in different events, even those they may not participate at home. It can be a great learning experience and can be something in life that you they will always remember.

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