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Cabin Life at Moosilauke

by David, Zach, Michael, and Josh, Senior B campers, age 13


Cabin Life at MoosilaukeCabin life at Moosilauke is unique. By the end of camp, you will learn to share, help, and above all live with others. First, you will learn to share. In cabins you have to share space, time, and work. There are only a certain amount of shelves for your clothes.

You learn to consolidate and compromise. Also after breakfast, you have cabin clean-up where everyone shares the responsibilities. Lastly, you have to share time, basically who gets to use what.

Cabin life is a big learning experience. Cabin life is very special here at Moosilauke. The counselors are very nice. They help us become great friends with each other. The counselors also keep us disciplined. We have to shower every night. We have a certain time that we go to sleep and we can read for a certain amount time. In the cabin, you are able to look past the shaky beds and the bugs for there is much more to these living conditions than the physical characteristics. The cabin is not only held together by old wood, but also by the friendships and bonds of the counselors and campers. The life in a cabin is very wonderful because of the happiness of everyone getting along and having fun together. The inhabitants of the cabin have to keep an open mind to the unique experience in order to fully appreciate the new lifestyle. Cabin life is a great experience that encourages us to try new things and have fun!

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