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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Letter from a Moosilauke Parent 8-14-11

Dear Bill and Sabina,

Sitting here in August we find it hard to believe that the summer is winding down.  School supplies have been purchased along with a new school bag and jeans.  Camp Moosilauke “active wear” is now PJ’s and the Moose sweatshirt has been hung in the closet.  We now understand the saying…”All good things must come to an end.”

It was about a year ago that we heard about Moosilauke for the first time. 

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Moosilauke Receives Rave Reviews!

by Bill McMahon, Co-Director

At Moosilauke we like to lead the examined life when it comes to understanding how we are doing with our campers and parents.  To this end, at the end of this summer we sent current parents an e-survey in which they were asked to rate all key elements of life at Moosilauke.  (4.5-week parents received the survey first; 2.5-week parents are completing the survey in September.)  The results we got back are very affirming.

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Why Camp Moosilauke

by Lisa, parent, Greenwich, Connecticut

As adults we are sometimes cursed and sometimes blessed by having the skill of reflection.  It is often my habit to look back at my life and wonder or think about the ‘what ifs’ or how different decisions could have changed my life.  Although we obviously make our decisions with the best information that we have at the time, the future allows us to postulate how we could have made better decisions or what we wished we had done differently. 

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