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Moosilauke Receives Rave Reviews!

by Bill McMahon, Co-Director

At Moosilauke we like to lead the examined life when it comes to understanding how we are doing with our campers and parents.  To this end, at the end of this summer we sent current parents an e-survey in which they were asked to rate all key elements of life at Moosilauke.  (4.5-week parents received the survey first; 2.5-week parents are completing the survey in September.)  The results we got back are very affirming.

An amazing 98% of the respondents indicated they are “extremely satisfied” with the camp, with the other 2% being “satisfied.”  Not a single family rated themselves “dissatisfied” or “extremely dissatisfied” with Moosilauke. (About 40% of all families completed the survey.)  98% of parents also indicated they are “extremely satisfied” with the “overall administration” of Moosilauke.

The area parents would most like to see improvement is with the food.  On the positive side, 84% indicated they are “extremely satisfied” or “satisfied” with the cuisine at camp.  And the vast majority of parents wrote that their kids love the food.  However, 11% of parents indicated there is room for improvement, especially relative to offering healthier alternatives.  We appreciate this feedback and will take it to heart as we plan the menus for summer 2012.

Parents also commented that our marketing materials could better represent our great program.  We are very pleased to report that our new website has been live as of late August ( and includes an exciting new layout, more pictures, video montages from the summer, and blogs from staff, campers, and parents.


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