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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Splashing into the Unknown at Moose

By Michael Pinsky, former Camper, Princeton ’15

I remember understanding even when I was a camper that my time at Moosilauke was valuable. I didn’t want to waste even a single day because I knew there would come the time when I would no longer be able, as a camper, to wake up to the sound of Timmy Walton hollering for Moosebears to get up, cheering for chicken patties when we 11-year-olds peered into the high windows of the dining hall and spotted buns,

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Weekly Log Home 2013 #6

I am sad to write that this is the last weekly letter from summer 2013.  As Sandy Denny so beautifully sang: “Who knows where the time goes?”

As opposed to giving you a day-by-day update we have decided to summarize recent happenings by category.  Enjoy.

As always, trips during our second week were plentiful and much anticipated.  Here are the ones you should ask your boys about when they get home:

  • All the Junior Bs (eight-and-nine-year-olds) ventured in two different groups to our wilderness campsite on the point of our lake.  

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Weekly Log Home 2013 #5

It is our pleasure to write this first letter from Moosilauke during our second session.  As is our tradition, we will send an electronic letter home each week to make sure you know about all the activities, special events, and trips that make up the Moose Experience.  You can view pictures from the summer (and even buy prints) by clicking on  We will do our best to post pictures every day.  

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How a Great Camp Can Help Your Child Build Essential Coping Skills

By Bill McMahon, Co-Director

Parents, and individuals working with kids, are constantly asking themselves the same simple questions:  What is our role in their growth process?  What should we be doing, and not doing?  What should be our/their focus?

Best-selling author and psychologist Madeline Levine is a great resource when it comes to these important issues.  Her most recent book, Teach Your Children Well: Parenting for Authentic Success, was described by the New York Times as a “cri de coeur from a clinician on the front lines of the battle between our better natures — parents’ deep and true love and concern for their kids — and our culture’s worst competitive and materialistic influences.”  In the book she highlights a type of parenting that we can all fall into which she believes is very detrimental to kids.  

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