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Monthly Archives: June 2015

All the World’s a Stage (Especially the Moose Dining Hall at Announcement Time!)

By Bill McMahon, Co-Director

IMG_0265Every camper and counselor at Moosilauke will tell you that announcement period after the meals is one of the most fun and interesting times at Camp.  During this period there are a number of daily happenings that everyone looks forward to, including: camper recaps of recent athletic events and trips; Kenny and others reading sports scores and summarizing key happenings in the news; and announcements concerning upcoming activities,

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My Second Home

by Elias, Camper, age 15

eliaswaterskiingI opened my eyes. I could hear the birds chirping their mystical songs. I could smell the fresh scent of the forest from which the rain had just rained on. I could see the sun piercing through the thin layer of clouds. I steadily lifted myself up from my warm bed, embracing all my surroundings. I put on my shoes and took a step out of the cabin.

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