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Log Home #5 2021

Dear Moosilauke Families,

It is hard to believe that First Session 2021 is in the history books. What an amazing 4.5 weeks! We hope your boys have been regaling you with specifics from the summer, including the trips they went on, the skills they learned, the special events they participated in, the chants and songs they have memorized, and of course the friends they made. Thanks so much for sharing your great boys with us!

For posterity, here is a summary of Camp events and activities from July 19 through July 24, 2021—the last week of the 4.5 week session.

On Monday, an all-ages group spent the day playing golf at the Bradford links followed by lunch in town. Those in Camp enjoyed a day of open sign-ups both on land and in the water. Monday evening saw the official “break” for our Red vs. Grey “two days of friendly competition.” This year’s color war break was based around the concept of “The Lost Year” and prominently featured the 100 year old bell we use to announce meal times. At lunchtime on Monday we found the bell to be inoperable because the rope used to ring the bell was suspiciously nowhere to be found. After dinner during evening activities the ringing of the bell summoned all the campers to junior hill where they found the administrative staff and junior counselors frozen in time sitting outside at dining hall tables. Once the bell stopped ringing each member of the Miller, McMahon and Hale family working at camp recounted what they missed most last summer when Moose was not open. Kenny then gave an impassioned speech about the history of Moosilauke and summoned the boys to help find and repair the bell so that Camp could continue. Each age group was then sent on a mission to find a piece of the missing rope.  Once the boys reconvened at the bell it magically began ringing without anyone touching it. After attaching the special bell rope Kenny announced the Red and Grey teams which was followed by the traditional Captain’s ceremony where both boys wish the other Captain and their team good luck.

Tuesday and Wednesday were chock full of Red and Grey activities, including a track meet, a canoe regatta, rope pulls, a fishing contest, age group “mega” relay races, a song contest, and competitions in basketball, baseball, lacrosse, Ultimate, kick ball, and soccer. In the end, it all came down to the final event—the team fire building—since the score was tied. After the final tally the boys were rewarded with well deserved treats. All in all, it was a great two days highlighted by hard work, great sportsmanship, high spirits, and fun!

Thursday, the boys enjoyed a much deserved late breakfast. After cabin clean-up, we held our annual Coke League (intramural baseball) competition for campers ages 12 and under. Teams were coached by the Senior A1s (fifteen-year-olds). The winners enjoyed a soda prize and all camper participants and spectators were treated to Sno-Cones and Cracker Jacks. It was a fun morning at the Moose Miller Field! In the afternoon, two age groups—the Inter As (twelve-year-olds) and Senior A2s (fourteen-year-olds)—had an ice cream treat at Moose Scoops and a visit to our local fish hatchery. There was also an all-ages bike trip. And, in the evening, Port shared a final tall-tale around a campfire on the beach. 

Friday morning was bittersweet since it was time to pack. In the afternoon the campers gleefully enjoyed their final day of choice sign-ups in all areas. The Senior A1s (fifteen-year-olds) had a bonus round of tubing on the lake. In the evening, the Camp gathered for the traditional end-of-session banquet. The meal included pulled pork nachos, strip steak, potato wedges, Caesar salad, rolls, and the infamous (and huge!) whoopie pies for dessert. The dining hall was buzzing with chants, songs, and cheers—campers getting in their final round of favorites before the session’s end. After dinner, the whole camp ventured down the hill to view a slide show chronicling the summer.  Campers and staff who have been at camp for three years plus—and those who brought a camper friend to Moose—were then awarded special Moose swag. Finally, there was the traditional Senior A1 lighting of the bonfire. All in all, It was a spectacular final evening.     

It has been so much fun having your boys at Moosilauke this summer. Thanks for sharing them—and see you next summer!

Happy Summer!


Bill, Sabina, Ken, Ingrid, Preston, Jake, Quinn, and Charlotte

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