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Moosilauke Weekly Letter Home 7-10-11

Dear Moosilauke Parent:

It is our pleasure to forward this third letter chronicling summer 2011. Before we recap the week, a brief Camp history lesson has been provided. Veteran parents, skip to paragraph four!Camp Moosilauke History

Moosilauke first opened its doors in 1904 making it one of the oldest private camps in the U.S. The dining hall and senior cabins S1 through S4 are all original structures. Moosilauke was founded by Virgil Prettyman,

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Competitive Play at Moosilauke

by Sam, Counselor-in-Training, age 16


Competitive Play at MoosilaukeCompetition has probably been one of the most memorable experiences for me at Camp Moosilauke. Friendly competition against other camps and even your friends can show your true character. Every game you either watch or participate in is fun, exciting, and positive.

Here at Moosilauke, it doesn’t matter if you win, lose, or tie. Having fun is the key ingredient during different competitions. Continue Reading »

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Imagine a Place…

by Bill McMahon, Co-Director


Design in your mind the perfect place for boys to live, learn and grow. A place…

• Where they eat three sit down meals a day with an adult.
• Where at the end of every meal every boy willingly helps clean the table.
• Where there are no cell phones, video games, texting, sexting, or IMing. None. Instead, boys talk face-to-face.

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Why Kids Succeed: the Importance of Mindset and What it Means for How We Provide Praise

By Bill McMahon, Co-Director

Why Kids Succeed: the Importance of Mindset and What it Means for How We Provide PraiseIf you thought the core theories about how kids learn and grow best are set and have not changed for decades you would be dead wrong. New and meaningful research is coming out every year, and much of it is not necessarily intuitive.

A professor at Stanford named Carol Dweck has written a fascinating book about self-theories called Mindset: the New Psychology of Success. She posits that there are two core mindsets that kids (and adults) have. Continue Reading »

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Trips for the Inter B’s

By Noah, Inter B camper, age 11

One of the first trips of the year, the Inter B’s took a trip to Baker Cliffs.  Baker Cliffs is a natural place where you can jump off the rocks like a diving board.  The water was cold, and made the air seem warm. After that, the Inter B’s went to Fat Bob’s, an ice cream store in Warren, New Hampshire.  Everyone picked their flavor, talked to their friends,

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