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Log Home #1 2021

Dear Moose Families,

It is our pleasure to write this first weekly letter home from Moosilauke during summer 2021, our 117th season! As is our tradition, we will send an electronic letter home each week to make sure parents know about all the activities, special events, and trips that make up the Moose Experience.

The Upper Baker Valley gods were smiling on Opening Day as evidenced by the beautiful weather and the fact that all 130+ of the rapid PCR tests we administered came back negative.

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A Letter from Sabina and Bill regarding Summer 2021

Hello Moosilauke Families!

We hope all of you are doing well and staying healthy. 

As you can imagine, planning for summer 2021 is in high gear. Given this, we thought we would write with an update. In formalizing plans for the summer we continue to draw on our experience at the boarding school we work at (that has had students from around the world in residence all year), a working group of peer camp directors that has been meeting every few weeks throughout the year,

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Why Helping Your Teen be Healthy, Happy, and Successful Might Be Easier Than You Think

by Bill McMahon, Director

Christine Carter is a famous author, speaker, and coach whose work focuses on helping kids and adults create courageous, joyful, meaningful, and productive lives.

Christine is also a friend who I got to know when she was a parent and trustee at The Thacher School where Sabina and I work in the camp off-season. 

She has written a new book which I highly recommend parents of middle and high school age kids read.

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Why kids at “high-achieving schools” are now an “at risk” group and what we should be doing about it

by Bill McMahon, Director

The research is in: students at “high achieving schools” are now an “at risk” group. A Washington Post article from this past fall states that: “…studies have found that adolescents in high-achieving schools can suffer significantly higher rates of anxiety, depression, substance abuse and delinquent behaviors, at least two to three times the national average.” And, these schools are the public and private institutions parents are all trying to get their kids into because of the quality of the programming and the positive testing and placement outcomes.

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Log Home #9 2019

Dear Moosilauke Families,

We are pleased to send you our final letter home for the Second Session of Moosilauke 2019, covering Friday, August 8 through Tuesday, August 13, 2019.  

By the time you receive this your boy(s) should be home with you. We hope they have regaled you with great stories about friends, trying new things, and the special spirit of Moose. If you are so inclined we would appreciate it if you would post a review of your son’s Moose experience at since this site is an important resource for prospective families.

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