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Why Moosilauke?

Moosilauke is one of the oldest residential summer camps in the U.S. Since our founding in 1904, our mission has been simple but powerful: creating confident, happy, and resilient boys. Our continued success in achieving our goals is due to a number of factors: our incredibly positive and nurturing peer culture; our program of positive risk taking that encompasses a high level of skill development in three key areas (sports, waterfront and outdoor adventure); our emphasis on both structure and choice relative to activity classes, trips, and competition; and our extraordinary attention to the individual needs of each boy. Combine all of this with an enthusiastic and diverse group of 130 campers (from 18 states and 7 countries), an experienced and caring staff, and an incredible campus (100 acres of fields and forest and a secluded mile-long lake in the White Mountains of New Hampshire), and you have all the makings for an amazing summer.

What is the Moosilauke community like?

Most importantly, we create and maintain a supportive, inclusive and equitable culture. Camp Moosilauke cultivates an environment of respect for oneself and for others. We strive to be open to campers and staff of all religious backgrounds and cultural, racial, ethnic, sexual, and gender identities. 

We ensure this through a number of steps:

  • hiring not just skilled staff, but caring staff
  • training our counselors during our 8 day orientation
  • setting the bar high with the campers—we talk with them openly and routinely about our zero tolerance for teasing
  • creating public forums, like after meals, where the tradition is to support and praise positive behavior.

Moosilauke’s exceptionally high return rate for campers and counselors is also an essential ingredient in creating a positive culture year-to-year.

What are the facilities like?

The Moosilauke campus is extraordinary. The Camp resides on more than 100 acres of forests and athletic fields and a secluded mile-long lake in the White Mountains of NH. Over one mile of shore front is owned by the Camp and kept for the private use of the campers. The lake is the site for a multitude of activities including sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, canoeing, swimming, fishing and nature excursions.

Each year, over sixty-five people work at Moosilauke in the following areas:

  • Athletics: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Lacrosse, Archery, Track, Ultimate Frisbee, and Flag Football
  • Waterfront: Swimming/Lifeguarding, Sailing, Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Wake surfing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Fishing, and Boat Drivers
  • Outdoors: Instructors in Kayaking, Bouldering/Climbing, Canoeing, Mountain Biking; Backpacking and whitewater trip leaders
  • Food Service: Kitchen Assistants
  • Other: Nurse, Office, Maintenance, Woodshop, Arts & Crafts, Videographer/Photographer

How to apply 

If you are interested in more information about being a counselor at Camp Moosilauke, email us at

To apply to be a counselor, please complete an online staff application.

If you are applying to be a counselor for the Backcountry Leadership Program (BLP), please also complete the attached supplement.

Staff Frequently Asked Questions

You can find a suggested packing list here.

All staff participate in a 10-day orientation and training period before the campers arrive. This is a special time for the staff to learn about Camp, get to know each other, and enjoy activities together. 

Some staff will be certified in lifeguarding, climbing, archery, boat driving, etc. depending on their activity area. 

Most weeks, counselors have one full day and night and two additional nights off per week. Days and times off can vary, depending on whether counselors are on trips and/or if there are special events at Camp. We have a 1:30 a.m. curfew.

Staff will also have a period off during the day to recharge and have some time for themselves.

We do not have cell service at the camp, but during time off, staff will have internet/email access and can use wireless calling.

Cell phones do function in nearby towns where staff can go during time off.

We have a wonderful dining hall with a variety of options and choices for campers and staff. We offer vegetarian options at all meals. We can also accommodate vegan, gluten free, and most other dietary requests if we know in advance.

Staff Testimonials

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