Why Moosilauke?

Year after year, families tell us they choose Moosilauke for their kids over other camps for the following reasons:

Moosilauke is run by Bill and Sabina McMahon, professional educators, with a wealth of experience working with children of all ages.

Bill and Sabina have been directing Moosilauke for over 20 years. When they are not at Moosilauke, they live and work at The Thacher School in Ojai, CA. Bill is the Director of Enrollment and Planning, and Sabina is the Dean of Students. They both attended Colgate University and received graduate degrees from Columbia. (Bill earned his M.B.A. and Sabina her Masters in Education.) Here is an excerpt from a recent parent testimonial that references their work at Moose: “Bill and Sabina McMahon’s gifts for understanding boys are on display in everything from the well-trained staff to the activities to the food. They put their heart and soul into Moosilauke and we are the beneficiaries. Whatever success my son has in life, it will be in part because of the values, camaraderie and pure joy Camp Moosilauke gave him.” Click here for more parent testimonials.

Bill and Sabina will know your child and closely monitor his experience.

At most camps, especially large ones, the directors can’t have a sense of how your child is doing. Instead, your child’s welfare is left in the hands of college age counselors. Moosilauke’s size, combined with Bill and Sabina’s passion for their work, ensures that they will know your child and actively monitor his summer. When it is time for a progress report call home (for all new campers after the first week of the 4.5 week session), Bill and Sabina personally update parents on their child’s experience.

Moosilauke has a unique program of positive risk taking within an encouraging and tolerant culture that creates confident, happy boys.

We believe boys need to live and grow within peer cultures that support them to take positive risks and ultimately build self-esteem. Moosilauke creates such a culture by: creating a program that requires positive risk taking; finding the right balance between structure and choice; and, most importantly, creating and maintaining a supportive, tolerant culture. Read our philosophy page for the specifics of this alchemy.

The Boston Globe and parents around the country (and the world) rave about Camp Moosilauke.

In a feature article on the Camp, the Boston Globe wrote that Directors Bill and Sabina have “earned unofficial doctorates in boyhood.” On CampRatingz, glowing parent reviews have made Moosilauke the 5th highest rated camp out of 7,000 overnight camps in the U.S. Founded in 1904, Moosilauke is one of the oldest privately run camps in the U.S. Its continued success is evident in its broad geographic reach (campers usually come from over 18 states and 6 different countries), its high camper return rate, and our positive parent testimonials. Click here to read testimonials.

As seen in the Boston Globe


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